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Ringle couple celebrating palindromic anniversary

RINGLE (WAOW) -- When Dave and Marta Humblet tied the knot they never stopped to think about the milestone of their eleventh anniversary.

"Everybody celebrates different years like twenty-five, fifty years or whatever. Those are nice, Dave says.  But this one is one that most people probably aren't going to have."

Turns out their anniversary falls on November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11.  It's a palindrome.  A palindrome is a word, phrase or number that can be read exactly the same forward or backward.

This palindromic date hasn't been on the calendar since November 11, 1911 and won't come around again for another one hundred years in 2111.

The Humblet's had their wedding photos taken in front of the fireplace at Greenwoods Hills Country Club. Looking at them with their two daughters takes them back to the gorgeous fall day one decade and one year ago.

Marta says they chose they day not just because they enjoy autumn so much.

"Jokingly I said, 'well if we get married on Veteran's Day, because you're a veteran, you won't forget the day we got married."

And the Air Force veteran never has and hopefully never will.

At least, they'll never forget their eleventh anniversary.

Marta adds, "We decided awhile ago that this was going to be the special one for us."

The Humblet's are leaving the kids with a sitter and celebrating their special day just the two of them.  They even plan to stop at Greenwood Hills and have their picture retaken by the fireplace just like the did eleven years ago.

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