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"I even baste my turkey every year with cranberry wine."

THREE LAKES (WOAW)--"I even baste my turkey every year with cranberry wine," Eileen Splitt told Newsline 9. Splitt had been the retail manager at Three Lakes Winery for almost a decade.

"It makes a wonderful gravy," she said.

Three Lakes Winery has been in business since 1972 when it was founded by the McCain family. The McCains still run the business, and are producing a plethora of fruit wines in the Northwoods. But their best seller is still the first wine they ever produced: cranberry.

"Cranberry is unusual. That's not something you see in wine all the time," said Splitt. She described the drink as tasting like cranberry juice, but with a kick. "It's very good. Very tart, very refreshing."

The berry wine is so popular, Three Lakes bottles close to 900 an hour on bottling days. But, it takes time to make cranberries into wine. "The first step is fermentation. The cranberry takes a little bit longer to ferment than the other wines," said Splitt.

It takes around three weeks for the fruit to ferment. At the winery, the berries ferment in large white containers. Only sugar, water and yeast are added to the fruit. "We use whole fruit which is a little bit different than other wineries. There's no concentrates, juice, or flavorings," said Splitt.

Three Lakes makes other flavors of fruit wine, too. From elderberry to pumpkin, there's a taste for every season.

To find out how you can get your hands on a bottle of Three Lake's cranberry concoction, visit their website: http://www.fruitwine.com/

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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