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The state rests, defense calls first witness


MERRILL (WAOW) --  The state called its final witness in the murder trial of a Wausau man.  Chase Boruch is accused of killing his mother and making it look like an accident, all for the insurance payout.

Lt. Mark Gartmann, a death investigator for the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department was the state's final witness.

He testified that after performing a search of Boruch's apartment, he found multiple maps of various lakes. As well as directions to Moraine Lake from the Wausau area.

"We also found articles about how to lie and get away with it," Gartmann told the court.

Lt. Gartmann also told the court there were inconsistencies between evidence at the scene, and what Boruch said happened. 

"He said his mother was smoking. There was no evidence of anyone smoking or any smoking materials found," Gartmann said.

The state rested. 

Defense Attorney John Voorhees called his first witness, a forensic pathologist from outside the state. Dr. Bradley Randall, had previously reviewed all of Sally Pergolski's medical records.

He told the court all the injuries Pergolski suffered before she died were not life-threatening.

"They are what I would call injuries of daily living. Stuff you get just walking around your house, bumping into things, maybe taking a fall." Dr. Randall told the court.

He said that Pergolski could have died from heart problems, an overdose or drowning.

"Usually we say a drowning when a person is found near a body of water or near water and there is no other cause of death," Dr. Randall testified.

The state argued Pergolski was a chronic prescription drug user, and had built up a high tolerance.  They said the level of drugs found in her system could not have been a factor in her death.

The defense plans to call more witnesses.  They have not said yet if Chase Boruch himself will take the stand.

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