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Former Penn State Coach opens up about sexual assault allegations

STATE COLLEGE, PA. (CNN) --  Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky says he's not a pedophile.

Sandusky spoke with Bob Costas in a phone interview on NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams."

Sandusky says he's innocent, although some details in the grand jury report against him are accurate.

"I could say that, you know, I have done some of those things; I have horsed around with kids. I -- I have showered after workouts. I -- I have hugged them, and I've -- I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact," Sandusky said.

Sandusky's attorney told CNN the admission does not mean his client is guilty of sexual assault.

"Jocks do that -- they kid around, they horse around," said defense attorney Joe Amendola.

"That's a far different thing than saying he got showers with kids than saying that he committed these other acts, which the prosecution has alleged he did."

Also Monday, the board of Second Mile -- the charity that Sandusky founded -- announced its longtime CEO, Jack Raykovitz, has resigned.

The grand jury report claims Sandusky got to know his alleged victims through the group.

The interim director says the organization will work hard to weather this storm.

"I think it would be unrealistic for me to say that it's not going to be a tough challenge," said interim director David Woodle.

In that NBC interview, Sandusky was asked if then-head football coach Joe Paterno had ever spoken to him about his behavior or expressed disapproval.

Sandusky simply responded -- "No."

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