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Chase Boruch testifies in his own defense


Chase Boruch takes the stand in his own defense on the sixth day of testimony.

Chase Boruch testified he didn't always have the best relationship with his mother.  "It was poor, so-so, semi-friendly," he told the court.  But, he agreed there was a mutual dependency on one another.

During Pergolski's last few years, Boruch testified that his mother "became physically sicker, having difficulty managing her meds."

Defense Attorney John Voorhees asked Boruch if he had a drug problem. Boruch answered yes. He told the court both he and his mother would mis-use their prescription drugs.

The defense moved questioning to Pergolski's life insurance policies. Boruch told the court that his mother made her own effort to find life insurance policies.  Boruch recalled a conversation he had with his mother, he told the court his mother was even "hoping, even planning to be dead."

"It was her wish that I absolutely benefit from that greatly," Boruch told the court.

Voorhees asked when the thought of accidental death insurance policies came up. Boruch told the court that the premiums of other life insurance policies were unaffordable and accidental death was affordable.

Boruch told the court his mother "didn't want to be alive."

"She said, one day you are going to come home and find me dead in bed. I'll take a whole bottle of pills, and you can convince someone it was an accident," Boruch told the court. "I saw it as an opportunity to benefit from it financially."

Voorhees asked Boruch why he never called a mental health professional when his mother talked about killing herself.

"I was too concerned with my own life," Boruch responded.

The court ordered the jury to take a lunch break. Court will resume at 1:00 p.m.

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