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UPDATE: Gov. Walker targeted for recall election

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- Advocates for Governor Scott Walker's recall began collecting signatures on Tuesday. They need more than 540,000 in the next sixty days to recall the governor.

Less than one year after Governor Walker started in Madison, some voters said they want someone else to take his place.

"We don't have time to sit around and wait for these Draconian measures to kick in before we know the damage that it's doing to our state," said Matt Powers, who is helping in the recall effort.

On the first day of collecting signatures for the governor's recall, Marathon County petitioners said they don't like the way walker's been running the state.

"I feel that if he'd have run on that platform, he would never have been elected so I feel we've been duped," said Powers.

"Last November, the majority of the people in the state of Wisconsin asked me to be the governor of this state and for the next four years, I plan on fulfilling that commitment," said Governor Walker.

Governor Walker said he plans to follow through on his campaign promises, which include helping put Wisconsin back to work.

"I think what I'm doing to help the people of the state create more jobs is ultimately what I'll be judged on in this next year or sometime between now and 2014," said Governor Walker. "No matter what else is going on, it's not going to take our eye off that focus."

His supporters launched an ad campaign this week, showing how his efforts have been successful in schools. But those who oppose him said it's not enough.

"I don't want to run around collecting signatures. I'm tired of this too," said Powers. "But we need to stay focused on what's important for middle class families."

"Every day, every week, every month we're going to be focused on helping the people of the state create more jobs," said Governor Walker.

Events were planned across Wisconsin on Tuesday, aimed to bring awareness to the recall effort and collect signatures. Statewide recall supporters are trying to collect an average of 9,000 signatures a day to meet the target of 540,000.

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