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Greenwood Granton fights for state title


GREENWOOD (WAOW) -- Cheers greeted the Greenwood Granton football players as they marched into the Greenwood gym.

Family and friends and community members showed up to support G2 Nation. The team said it's hard to describe the feeling.

"It's amazing to have the whole community behind you like this," said Josh Harlander.

"I honestly never thought, two communities coming together. This is unbelievable. I've never even seen the community come together like this," said Hayden Hinker.

Just two years ago, Greenwood and Granton were two separate teams, but because of declining enrollment across the district, the schools teamed up on the field.

"Build more depth on our roster, so we're able to have more competition. More competition, better results," said Greenwood Principal, Corey Peterson.

One of the team captains, Josh Harlander, said the first year got off to a rough start.

"0 and 9, it would have been very easy to us to,you know, put it away and say you know what I'm done with football, we're not any good, we don't win games, what's the point," said Harlander.

But the boys pushed through and now they are headed to state.

"You stick with it, and you have a love for the game, you have a passion for the game, and you just keep going and it's paid off," said Harlander.

You can't miss all of the signs throughout the community showing support for the hardworking team.

"Two towns pretty much just shutting down for us. It's really cool, I don't know, I thank them, it's amazing."

Their fans lined the streets as they left for the big game, with goal in mind - winning the gold.

Greenwood Granton will face off against Seneca Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Greenwood's mayor has also declared November 17th: G2 Nation Day.

Online Reporter: Courtney Fasano

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