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"Occupy" protestors promise a "Day of Action"


(ABC) -- The two-month old "Occupy Wall Street" standoff has turned contentious, with protesters promising a "day of action" on Thursday.

Wednesday night, cities across the country cracked down on demonstrators.

In Dallas, police barricaded the streets around city hall, where "occupy" campers had set up shop. Police woke up campers and ordered them out. Their tents were pulled down.

Across the country protesters promise no matter what cities do, they won't give up.

"You may be able to evict a tent, you may be able to move a tent, but you cannot take down passion, you cannot take down commitment, you cannot take down the love of justice," said "Occupy" Los Angeles protestor Alexandra Seo.

Student protesters in San Francisco showed their commitment taking over a bank. They were removed by force. The students are demanding the same things that occupiers from Portland State University want -- lower tuition costs.

"There's a million reasons why students at Portland State are out here today, fighting for a brighter future, a future that doesn't look like what we've experienced," says "Occupy" Portland protestor Adam Rahmlow.

In New York's Zuccotti Park -- the birthplace of the "occupy" protest over income inequality and corporate greed -- protestors pledged a strong show of force Thursday morning.

The occupiers returned after being removed on Tuesday -- some of them by force -- so that the city could clean the park.

"This is not the beginning of the end," said "Occupy Wall Street" protestor Michael Pelligatti. "We all know our economy is on the precipice of disaster. We all know that."

The New York occupiers plan to march on Wall Street Thursday morning, then gather at city subway stations, and later march on the Brooklyn bridge, all in an effort to disrupt life in the city.

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