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Russian travel to Wausau


WAUSAU (WAOW)--A cultural exchange program has brought five  Russian visitors to Wausau. They are taking part in a cultural exchange program called Open World at the North Central Technical College.

  The group met with members of the local media representing TV, radio and newspapers this morning. The gathering gave participants a chance to learn more about how news is covered in this country. The local news outlets provided a glimpse into what their work is like in North Central Wisconsin.

  Dee Olsen coordinates the Open World Program. She says the participants have had a chance to see how the U.S. government works, through visits to Washington, D.C., Madison and the Wausau area.

  The timing of their visit, prior to the 2012 election and with  recall efforts underway ( in response to the Governor's  decision to take away most collective bargaining rights for public workers) offers the Russian visitors a glimpse of democracy in action. Olsen adds,"Our political scene in Wisconsin, is very diverse, there are people for and against and they are seeing and hearing both sides of the issue, and wondering what will happen."

   The Open World project dates back to 1999. Most participants are government workers. It is federally funded to promote cultural exchanges around the globe.

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