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People feast on venison prior to gun deer hunting season


TOMAHAWK (WAOW) - If you google venison, you'll find venison steak, venison sausage venison marinade, venison jerky, venison stew and venison roast.

  And that's just a start.

  But burgers grab the attention each year in the Tomahawk venison feed.

  The dress code looks pretty simple.  Wear something orange.  And it goes with everything.

  Liz Melender/Tomahawk Main Street Director: "My stepmother made this.  And I bought this (the hat) at the Tomahawk surplus store."

  Antlers are optional.  But dear oh dear, almost anything goes.

  Cory Schroeder/Ft. Atkinson: "My dad helped me with it.  He came up with the idea and I helped him and I'm wearing it."

   It's an annual Tomahawk tradition, 46 years running.

  Chris Cottrell: "I try to get here every year for this to hang out with the other hunters and have a venison burger and hopefully get a taste in me for some luck for hunting tomorrow."

  Burgers sizzle on the grill.. The aroma fills Main Street's autumn air.  Hunters celebrate the grandest meat of the season, venison.

  And it beckons the hungry to go back for more. 

  The woods call early Saturday morning. 

   Melender: "I moved here a year ago and I'm embracing the Northwoods experience and I'm going hunting for the first time."

  In the meantime, hunters gather to tell stories of past hunts.. And share optimism for what's ahead.

  Cottrell: "Sit in the woods, watch the other animals run around and hopefully have a nice deer walk by."


Tomahawk chamber of commerce leaders say they gave away more than 2000 burgers last year. 

  This feed dates back to 1966 when a few businesses fed people with just two deer.

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