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Opening Day for Gun Deer Hunting Season

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) - The 9 day Gun-Deer Hunt Season is underway.

Registration stations in our area have been busy.

Newsline 9 stopped by a R Store in Rib Mountain.

As of 5:30 PM on Saturday, the store estimated more than 120 hunters have been in to register.

They tell us the store will be open 24-hours each day and will be registering till gun deer season ends.

Opening Day means it was an early morning for hunters looking to get their first kill of the season.

Kelsey Gwidt made sure her rifle was ready to go, just in case a deer walked by.

"You just look in the distance and if you just see anything moving you just focus in on it," said Kelsey Gwidt.

Kelsey is 18 years old and already knows a thing or two about hunting.

She said, "They just take graceful steps, it's like a crunch, not like a big rustle.''

She reads their signals, something she learned from years of experience acquired from her dad.

Terry Gwidt has been hunting since he was twelve, and teaches Kelsey the skill-sets for getting the kill.

"Patience, that's the biggest thing. Just being patient, sitting still, need to keep looking around your surroundings and that makes a big difference," said Terry Gwidt.

Kelsey said when their out hunting teamwork is important

"I use my scope if it's like way out there, but then if it's way out there than I know my dad is going to get it because it's closer to him," She said.

It took two hours before Terry Gwidt saw a deer, and he got the buck on the first shot.

And with the first kill under their belt, for the Gwidt Family the opening day of gun deer hunting season was a success.

Also another group of hunters scored big today on Saturday.

Yang Thao was showing off his trophy of the day.

His buck was registered as a 13 pointer.

Thao estimated the prized buck weighed around 200 pounds.

The registration station said the buck was the largest they've seen so far.

Thao told Newsline 9 it took four people to carry the deer.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9


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