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On Thanksgiving, family comes first...after the Packers

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- With a perfect season on the line, the Packers will face the Lions while many are sitting down to face a plate of turkey. Some fans plan to balance football and family this Thanksgiving.

It's time for stuffing, turkey and pumpkin pie. One Thanksgiving day ingredient some say is most important -- a good football game.

When the Packers kick off against the Lions Thursday morning, many families will be sitting down for their turkey day meal. But with a little planning ahead, fans said they'll make time to balance family with football.

"Do a little cooking in between and watch the Packer game at 11:30 and see how the day goes," said Ken Kolpacki, who lives in Wausau.

Shoppers scoured stores, looking for last minute snacks on Thanksgiving eve.

"A lot of my family members love football," said Ashley Raasch, who lives in Weston. "Odds are, the game's going to be on tomorrow so it'll be on in the background."

Football on Thanksgiving has become a time-honored tradition, with Packers playing in four of those games since 2001. Even some across enemy lines said they plan to tune in.

"I'll watch the Packers but I'm a Bears fan," said Rick Scalcucci, who lives in Wausau.

Whether you watch with family or friends, football will continue to be an important part of the Thanksgiving tradition.

"It'll be a nice experience to have the game going, Thanksgiving meal, the family together," said Raasch. "It's just one of those picture perfect things."

The Packers game starts at 11:30AM on FOX. If your Thanksgiving travels take you away from the TV, you can catch the highlights on Newsline 9 at 5PM and 6PM on Thursday.

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