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"Anything we can get our hands on. We're looking for toys."

WESTON (WAOW) -- Thousands of people kicked off their Christmas shopping season at midnight, an early start for Black Friday.

After waiting for hours, feelings of cold and exhaustion took a back seat. When the clock struck twelve, it was finally time to get into gear -- shopping overdrive.

"Anything we can get our hands on," said Michelle Nalett, who was visiting from Michigan.

"We're looking for toys," said Marlene Porcaro, who was shopping with Nalett.

Store managers took care to make sure shoppers didn't get stampeded. At midnight, they let thirty people in at a time, waited thirty seconds, then let the next group in.

"There's tons and tons of people," said Porcaro. "I didn't realize. I'm like, excuse me, what are you standing in line for?"

"And they're like, TV's. TV's. TV's," said Nalett.

Toys, TV's and tunes were the big three for post-Thanksgiving shoppers.

"Justin Bieber CDs and headphones," said Zoe Kremsreiter, who lives in Abbotsford. "Me and my friend, we were like oh my gosh, there's only one left but then we found more so it's all good."

Savvy shoppers made meticulous plans before hitting the aisles. While some chose to work as a team, others decided to divide and conquer.

"We all have different slips so people that are going to certain departments can grab for everybody in the group," said Kathy Zblewski, who lives in Hatley.

After finding everything on their wish lists, the next big challenge arose. You guessed it -- another line.

"These people were standing in line for check out and I was like oh my gosh," said Porcaro.

The check-out line wound through the aisles and around the store. Some waited hours just to pay up and get out. For the more-adventurous deal-seekers, this was just the beginning.

"I think we're just going to pull an all-nighter and go to as many stores as we can," said Kremsreiter.

But others said, though it was fun, by the time it was over they were ready for another turkey-induced nap.



The store manager said most of the big screens were gone within the first half hour of shopping, but there are still many deals out there for Black Friday shoppers.

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