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Social Media Mining


WAUSAU (WAOW)--More and more insurance companies mine social  media pages. For some people,  it has resulted in higher premiums or even denial of claims.

  Kurt Nordland never dreamed some photos he posted on his Facebook book would land him in trouble. "I was extremely surprised they could go on your Facebook and pull these pictures out, said Kurt.

  Soon after he posted some photos of himself vacationing with friends (while recovering from a work-related injury)  the insurance company canceled his payments, cut off his medical benefits and he had to delay surgery to repair torn cartilage in his shoulder. His attorney had to fight the insurance company before a Labor Board. Eventually, Kurt won his case.

  The Insurance Information Institute says some companies monitor social media pages, in search of potential fraud--which leads to higher premiums for everyone. Jeanne Salvatore of the III says fraud $30 million dollars a year.

  Experts say is you have concerns about who is looking at your social media pages, check out your  privacy settings. FYI:

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