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Cain continues to campaign amid affair allegations

(CNN) -- Herman Cain isn't letting allegations of an extramarital affair kick him off the campaign trail.

The Republican presidential candidate pressed on with a foreign policy speech in Michigan Tuesday night.

He made no mention of an Atlanta woman's claim that she had a 13-year-long affair with him, but longtime friend, Alveda King, took up his defense.

"A woman knows a skirt chaser when a woman sees a skirt chase. Mr. Herman Cain doesn't chase skirts," King said.

Cain denies the affair.

Ginger White, the woman who made the allegation, showed WAGA in Atlanta phone records of late night calls and text messages between her and Cain. Her lawyer, Edward Buckley, told CNN's Anderson Cooper she may go a step further.

"Would she consider releasing them?" asked Cooper. "Would there be anything in those text messages that would be further documentation."

"I think that's something she's considered and neither ruled in or ruled out at this point in time," Buckley said.

Cain's support has fallen since allegations of sexual harassment, involving four women, came to light last month. He told staffers on Tuesday he's now reassessing his campaign, but a senior advisor says Cain has no intention of taking his name off the ballot.

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