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Schofield woodturners highlight museum exhibit

SCHOFIELD (WAOW)—Every subtle color change, grain pattern and unique characteristic found in a piece of wood can be seen in woodturning. 

"It's the creativity, using what is naturally a beautiful medium and then making something that's even more beautiful" expert woodturner Garry Sack told Newsline 9. 

Woodturning is the craft of spinning a chunk of wood, and then using a series of lathes, whittling it down to a desired shape or design. 

"I think that's pretty cool.  For some people it's like ‘what the heck did you make that for, why didn't you just burn that piece of wood?"  Sack said. 

Sack says that though most craftsmen desire clean pieces of lumber, woodturners pine over so-called "junk pieces."  The more unusual the material, the more creative Garry says he can get. 

Fellow-woodturner Roger Zimmermann says the artwork is about unleashing creativity, not keeping to a schedule. 

"You don't count the hours you spend on it" Zimmermann said.  "Wood dries naturally at one inch in diameter per year, so if you've got a ten-inch diameter tree, it's going to take you ten years before you can actually use that wood." 

Several local artists are being featured at the Woodson Art Museum, 700 N. 12th St., Wausau, now through Jan. 22.  The artwork is part of the "Think Inside the Box" woodturning exhibit complimenting the "Boxes and Their Makers: Contemporary Woodworkers" touring display. 

The museum is hosting an interactive display on Dec. 10 from 2 to 4 p.m. where community members can team up with members of the Wisconsin Valley Woodturners Association and try woodturning for themselves.   

Online Reporter Rob Duns (WAOW)

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