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Jefferson Award Winner-Dani Prange


Many of us use our retirement years to kick back and do things for ourselves. Others choose to put their retirement years to work for others.

 Often times, those individuals are recognized as Jefferson Award winners. That is the case for the month of December, as we recognize Dani Prange, and her friends as they put their hands to work to keep others warm during the winter months.

  Inside the First Street Coffee Station in Merrill you'll find Dani Prange and her friends. They meet here several days a week. "We like to sit and have coffee with friends but we don't like to just sit. We knit.. I do hats and the others do mittens,  says Dani. 

  They will knit dozens of mittens and hats over the next few months. Once finished the woolen wonders are donated to Merrill schools.  Dani says, "They expressed a need for hats and for first and second graders coming to school without.  In our harsh winters they need a supply of them."

Over the past few years Dani and her fellow knitters women have supplied hundreds of pairs of mittens and hats to schools during the first week in November. The most recent batch went to Washington Elementary. The women agree they like to see the children use them.

 Stitch by stitch, the knitters make a difference in the lives of others.  Dani says,"It's a small thing we can do to make a difference and I think we do make a difference with these kids."

  Little heads and hands that stay warm, thanks to the heart warming efforts of Dani and her friends. 

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