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Crews plow the snow in Marathon County

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- Emergency crews have been out since early morning on Saturday plowing the roads.

And with more snow in our forecast, that means a late Saturday night to early Sunday morning for crew plowing the streets.

Workers plowing the snow know they may be working till the sun comes up.

"There's not a whole lot of sleep when it snows," said Michael Bronsteatter the owner of Snow Tracks Plowing.

Snow plowing crews are in full force to make sure roads, sidewalks, and parking lots are clear.

"We plow at about a half inch and up and we make sure their lots are clean so people can get safely in and out their businesses," Bronsteatter said.

And emergency crews are warning drivers to be careful.

"Stay off the roads and if they do have to travel, travel at a slow rate of speed," said Mark Raduechel of the Marathon County Highway Department.

Raduechel manned the radios on Saturday.

He keeps contact with crews patrolling Marathon County and State highways.

He said crews are in it for the long haul, "It'll be an early morning and late morning cleanup."

And that means workers and snow plows need to ready at a moments notice.

"We are an emergency service so we have to be there whenever they need us," said Bronsteatter.

Marathon County Highway Officials said they had around 35 snow plows on the roads at 10 P.M. on Saturday.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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