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Marathon Co. land owners threaten to not allow snowmobiles on their land

MARATHON CO. (WAOW)-- Some farmers are complaining about weight limits on Wisconsin's roads.

It started after they received tickets for violating the state's 80,000 pound limit while hauling manure. Because of this, some of these farmers and other landowners in Marathon County have threatened to not allow snowmobiles on their property.

Milo Gordon is president of the Frankfurt Freedom Riders, a snowmobile club in Colby. He says if landowners stopped letting snowmobilers use their lands it would be devastating.

"If farmers closed the trails, or withdrew permission for us to use the trails," says Gordon. "We would probably lose most of our trails."

According to the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department: 90% of snowmobile trails in Marathon County use private land.

Ralph Bredl is a 4th generation dairy producer. Bredl says the recent citations from the Marathon Co. Sheriff's Deptment has unfairly penalized something the agriculture community has done for years.

Bredl says to gain a better bargaining position with the State and Marathon County a group of land owners threatened to block snowmobile access. He says these farmers and some land owners want the regulations to change so they can carry heavier loads.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation had no comment.
So, will the land owners actually go through with their threat?

"The passion of the moment has passed and the reality of the situation has set in and so there will be less rash moves made," says Bredl.

He says the threats are to raise awareness and support.

Officials hope to open the snowmobiles trails before Christmas.

Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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