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Snow makes slick streets, causes nearly 100 accidents in Marathon Co.


MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- This second snowstorm of the season created a slew of slick streets.

Saturday's mixture of snow and rain left a bit to be desired by some drivers.

"I thought there would be more," said Jennifer Freidel, who lives in Wausau.

About three inches of combination precipitation in Marathon County was enough to cause multiple car crashes.

"Maybe they just didn't slow down enough," said Freidel. "When we do go north, we do drive much slower."

County dispatchers received close to 500 calls from concerned citizens, even though only about one hundred crashes actually happened.

"In this day and age, everybody has a cell phone and they feel like they're doing their civic duty and calling in the traffic crash," said Marathon County Sheriff's Department Lt. Randy Albert.

Lt. Albert said many crashes didn't even warrant a police report because drivers were able to take care of the situation on their own.

"A lot of times because we don't have deep snow right now, people are going in the ditch and they're able to drive right back out again," said Lt. Albert.

"I don't think I saw snow until I was 15 so it's a bit different," said Michael Payton, who live in Wausau.

Those few inches of snow were enough for some drivers to take the day off from hitting the roads.

"It's a hassle," said Payton. "You have to worry about other drivers sliding into you. You have to worry about yourself being able to stop and tires only go so far."

Authorities said a few extra inches of the white stuff may have actually been helpful during this weekend's storm, since slushy streets can make driving even more dangerous.

"It would have been nice to have four to seven inches of snow," said Lt. Albert. "It probably would have mean fewer accidents because it would have just been snow."

Authorities said if you do see a crash and want to call in, it's helpful if you can be as descriptive as possible about where it is and what the vehicles look like.

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