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Changes coming to USPS affect local mailers

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- The holiday season always seems to bring some extra attention to the postal service. This year, some potential upcoming changes have made the spotlight even hotter.

Through rain, snow or any other kind of weather, U.S. postal workers said they'll take care of your mail no matter what. But with plans for changes in the coming months, the opportunity to send something overnight won't be an option anymore.

"We want to get them there on time," said Sheri Walker, who lives in Wausau. "Every bill has a date on it so you want them to go out in a timely fashion."

Many said they depend on the USPS to get their bills paid on time. Not only that, but they use it to send birthday cards, packages and rent DVD's. Now, some said they'll need to do a little extra planning to make sure everything gets where it needs to be in time.

"Mail it a couple days earlier," said Walker. "It's no big deal."

"Where do you get a service for 44, 45 cents?" said Pat Tallmadge, who lives in Wausau. "You don't get it at the local markets or anything so this is really a privilege to us."

Even though sending a letter by traditional mail may sound old fashioned, many said they miss the personal interaction.

"I don't think I've received a written letter from anyone in the last ten years," said Tallmadge. "And you used to communicate by letters. Nowadays it's all catalogs and non-profit organizations with their handouts."

Doubts about the future of mail haven't stopped holiday senders from visiting the post office. Many who came to the Wausau location only had good things to say about the carriers.

"I'm really worried about the post office service," said Tallmadge. "I'd like to see Wausau's service remain at the level that it is if not even better."

Despite an uncertain future, post office officials said none of the upcoming changes will affect holiday mail from making the trek to loved ones, Near or far.

Regional officials with the postal service said senders can still take advantage of the overnight option until spring.

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