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Potential USPS changes could affect newspaper circulation

ABBOTSFORD (WAOW) -- Potential postal service changes could mean some newspaper readers won't see the front page until days after it's printed. 

TP Printing in Abbotsford sends 42,000 papers every week through the US Postal Service. With a proposal to end overnight shipping in the works, by the time readers get the paper, the news may not be so new.

"It's a weekly but it needs to be known now. Not five days from now," said publisher Carol O'Leary. "We need to be current. We try to be as current as possible."

TP Printing staffers said most of their subscribers get their copy in the mail within a day or two of the postmark.

"If they don't get their newspaper the next day, they call," said Carol.

Changes to the postal service standards would tighten up cut off times for all aspects of their black-and-white business.

"Everybody is dependent on deadlines because every piece of the puzzle depends on the other parts to be done to put their part in the paper," said general manager Kris O'Leary.

The USPS isn't the only thing changing these days. During the past few years, many readers made the switch from the printed page to a web page. Printing officials said not everyone can take advantage of the paperless newspaper because broadband Internet isn't openly available. But that could change too.

"I've heard of neighbors getting together and then basically petitioning a company that we want service in our small area," said UW-Extension Community Resource Development Agent Mary Kluz.

TP Printing officials said their online versions could become the way of the future, though finding a way to keep making money could be a struggle. For now, they said they'll have to rely on the postal service to make sure everyone can still get the news.

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