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SNE Enterprise closes, employees wonder what's next?

MOSINEE (WAOW) --  Larry Pelot is just one of the 556 employees that received a notice in the mail.  SNE Enterprises in Mosinee will be closing it's doors.

"We have orders to fill. Why you would shut down a plant with orders? I don't know," Pelot wondered.

Pelot has worked as part of SNE Enterprises for 38 years.

"You put your hear and soul into a company, work for 38 years and you don't know next year if you're going to be there. Or if you're going to make retirement," Pelot said.

But when the news of the closure came, Pelot said he wasn't surprised. "I figured it might happen because our contract proposal in October was rejected."

SNE Enterprises declined an on-camera interview. They only released a statement, which is part said, "Being a part of the housing industry has been challenging for the last five years. We continue to see demand decrease, which means we have to adjust the business to better align with the marketplace."

For the community, the closure is a big loss. The jobs lost not only effects the City of Mosinee, but has a ripple effect throughout the local economy.


"That's a lot of jobs out of here, right at Christmas time. That is going to be tough on the economy all over," Charles Helms, a resident of Weston said after he heard the news of the plant closing.

And for some, they say the closure in the area makes every job unstable.

"Always got to wonder. Hopefully my job is stable, but I don't know," Helms said.

"It's going to hurt people big time. I'm sure there is a lot of worried people out there," Pelot said.

As for Pelot, he says he won't give up. And knows the community will come together in everyone's time of need. "The people of SNE have been strong people. They've stuck together. They'll find jobs. They'll live somehow."


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