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Dog Credited with Saving Man After Farm Accident

WINNEBAGO COUNTY-- A dog in Winnebago County is being called a hero.

Its owner was involved in a recent farm accident, and if it weren't for the dog's bark he may not have been found in time.

Bob Kumbier has a special relationship with his dog, Holly, expressing a sense of gratitude after he survived an accident on the day after Thanksgiving when a skidster malfunctioned and pinned him to the point he couldn't move or breathe.

"She saved my life, because I was running out of air," Bob said. "I knew if I passed out, I was trying not to pass out, and I knew if I passed out I didn't know how long it would be before anybody would find me."

At the time of the accident, Kumbier was operating a skidster. The bucket was all the way up. He was in the driver's seat and got out to fix a pedal that was stuck. When he did so, the arm came crashing down, trapping him in a space only inches wide.

"All I could do was start yelling for help, and that's when Holly my dog came."

Holly was a gift, from Kumbier's grand daughter last Christmas.

"She jumped up in the bucket and she was trying to lick my face, and every time she jumped I could feel that extra weight squeezing me, and I kept telling her, 'Holly, no,' and then I'd go, 'Oh help! Somebody, can you help?' And she started barking more and louder."

"She wouldn't stop," Vicki Kumbier said somberly, "so I got my shoes on and I went out there. I know why she was barking, she wanted someone to help Bob, and if it wasn't for Holly I wouldn't have my husband."

Reflecting back on the rescue, Kumbier considers Holly his hero.

"I'm just glad she was there."

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