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Reindeer cam brings the Christmas spirit online

CALEDONIA, MICHIGAN (CNN) -  It's not everyday you get to pet and feed a deer but at Drew Born's deer farm in Caledonia some of the deer are so friendly they'll nuzzle and even beg for food. "About eight weeks ago a friend of mine kind of put the bug in my ear said hey you guys should do something with the reindeer for Christmas," said Born. "I gave it a thought for a second and said that's a great idea!" 

And just like that was born. Drew and his pal Adam Loveless decided to take their love of animals to the next level for Christmas, purchasing two reindeer to add to the group and adding a 24-hour video streaming. 

At 5:00 p.m. every day viewers can watch Santa feed the reindeer and pick up letters from all the good little girls and boys. "Drew and I both love Christmas and we both love kids," said Loveless. "We're always working out here with the animals anyways, we thought it would be a great way to bring them to the kids. To us there's always been a magic to Christmas that we've always felt and this is just another way to prove that Santa's out there." 

The pair installed a camera and hardwired it to a control room where the signal is transmitted to the web. 

Families like the Walters come to visit the reindeer frequently. They also visit the web site every night right around dinner time. "It's just a good time because it's when I'm coming home from work so everybody is tired and fussy and I can remind them that Santa's just across the street," said Kerry Walter.

And because the camera is broadcast around the world, it isn't just the Walters who are reminded to be nice not naughty this year. "The email response that we get from everybody else just saying they love watching it, how their kids won't go to bed without seeing the reindeer one last time, that's the response that I really love hearing especially from friends and neighbors and people I will never know from Florida and California and Russia." 


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