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Weston village leaders vote to crack down on underage drinking

WESTON (WAOW) --  Weston Village officials say they are cracking down on an issue that raises big concerns.

"The most common place for underage drinking is a private residence," Chief Wally Sparks of the Everest Metro Police Department.

That's why village officials want to implement a social hosting ordinance.  It would hold anyone responsible for allowing underage drinking at their home or property. 

"The fines are significant. They can be up to $5,000 and it is used to grab people's attention, especially parents about how important this is," Sparks said.

Currently police have to prove an adult provided the alcohol.  If the proposal passes, authorities would just need to prove the hosts knew drinking was going on.

"They plan a party when Mom and Dad are away, now they look at the consequences and think twice," Sparks said.

Mike Plaza, a health educator at D.C. Everest high school not only teaches his students about the dangers of alcohol, but also about the consequences.

"They listen and hear the facts but its when they see the footage that makes an impact," Plaza said.

And as a father of two teenagers, he knows temptations are out there.

"I can't always be there. My wife can't always be there. But I'm confident that if I give them a strong base and give them the whole story they will make good decisions," Plaza said.

But others feel differently. On our Facebook page, Suzanne says it's okay "...as long as parents are there..and it's ok'd by the parents of the underagers..and that nobody drives."

And others agree. Tia says, "...if there are parents there I think it's ok..as long as they are present at the time."

"We have a culture of drinking. There's nothing wrong with alcohol. What we're talking about is the misuse use of alcohol, and the abuse of it," Sparks said.

Leaders in Kronenwetter, Schofield and Rothschild say they are also trying to implement a similar ordinance. The city of Wausau already has it in place.

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