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The Share Program in Wausau helps families in need

WAUSAU (WAOW) - During a tough economy, putting food on the table can be a struggle for some families in our area

A non-profit group in our area is doing what they can to provide food for those in need..

Around 50 volunteers dedicated some time just before the holidays to fill boxes with food to help families in need.

"It's cheaper because we buy in such large quantity, we can sell it at a cheaper rate and by packing it ourselves we save people money," said Ruth Anklam, Wausau Share Program Coordinator.

Ruth Anklam coordinates the Wausau Share Program, a non-profit food organization that allows people to purchase boxes of packaged food at a discounted price.

"It's just helping people helping people," Anklam said.

People like Andrew Meier who buys food through the Wausau Share Program.

"We're down one paycheck in our family so this is very beneficial because we really can't afford too much food," said Meier.

Once a month volunteers assemble the boxes of food

Barbara Geib and her granddaughter Zoe also benefit from the program.

They understand the importance of it and that's why they volunteer every month to help others.

"Isn't the holiday season a time of giving? We just give all year around," said Geib.

Ruth Anklam said the holidays are the busiest time of the year.

More than 200 orders were placed just for the month of December alone.

"We had some families that said if it wasn't for the boxes that were given to them they wouldn't have anything to eat that month or that day, so it's so important to the people," Ankelm said.

Organizers said there are no requirements to qualify.

If you would like to order food through the share program click on the link for more information.

Online Reporter: Christine Souders, Newsline 9

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