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Activists say Syrian troops kill 100 in village

BEIRUT (AP) -- A witness and a pair of activist groups in Syria are reporting what could be one of the deadliest single events in the nine-month uprising against President Bashar Assad.

They say government forces surrounded residents of a restive village yesterday, and killed everyone trapped there -- more than 100 people -- in a barrage of rockets, tank shells, bombs and gunfire that lasted for hours.

The attack pushed the death toll for two days of violence across Syria to more than 200.

The village that was targeted is about 30 miles from the northern border with Turkey. It's in a region that's been the scene of clashes between troops and army defectors, and it's seen intense anti-government protest for weeks.

Residents say Syrian troops began attacking the region Saturday.

The head of a British-based group calls the killings "an organized massacre." Activists say all of the people who were trapped in the valley were unarmed civilians and activists -- and that there were no armed military defectors among them.

Syria this week agreed to allow foreign monitors in, under an Arab League plan aimed at stopping the bloodshed. But critics say Assad is just playing for time.

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