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Mild December weather good for local budget

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--Despite a lack of snow, Public Work departments in our area have been keeping busy. They say that the lack of snow is actually a good thing.

Every year, Marshfield budgets $1.1 million for ice and snow removal. Because of a harsh winter earlier this year, only 18 percent remained for the month of December. Marshfield Street Division Superintendent Brian Panzer was worried about the budget this month. He says that so far, there has been little cause for concern. 

"Of that 18 percent that we had remaining, we probably only spent an additional one or two percent of that 18 percent," Panzer said. 'It's been very minimal."

With so little of the budget left going into December, Panzer said there could have been major problems. 

"If we had a typical December, we would have struggled with budget issues to come up with additional funds," said Panzer. 

Without snow and ice removal to worry about, workers are getting caught up on storm sewer maintenance, and the up keep of city trees. 

"This is a wonderful thing, both for our operations to get other work done that needs to get done and budgetarily," Panzer said. 

Despite a lack of snow, Panzer says that preparing for the winter season never stops. 

"If we aren't actually doing the operation for snow and ice removal, we are planning for it, and that could be in July," he said.

When the equipment is not being used, it is being maintained. That way, it is ready to go when the next storm hits.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch 

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