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Cat stuck on power pole in Sparta

SPARTA (WXOW) - There's a small drama playing out in Sparta, where a cat named Dragon has been stuck on top of a power pole for the past three days.

Normally, the fire department would come to rescue the year-and-a-half old feline, but Sparta Fire Chief Scott Perkins says that Xcel Energy won't turn off the power lines so they can go up and get the cat.  He says the lines feed other lines so it makes it difficult to shut the power off without causing other problems.

Meanwhile, the cat remains on the pole, occasionally meowing at its predicament. Its owners are waiting below hoping for a good ending.

WXOW Reporter Kristen Barbaresi and Photographer John Schmidt were in Sparta when they learned of the stranded cat.  They spoke to a local veterinarian who said the cat may survive for a few more days without rescue, but not much longer.  She even offered to treat the cat for free if someone could safely bring it down.

The vet even went so far as to call a tree service with a bucket truck to see if they could help.  That didn't work when it was discovered they could be cited for trespassing since it was Xcel property.

Our crew was able to reach an Xcel Energy spokesperson who said he wasn't aware of the situation.  He told WXOW that he would do some checking and respond appropriately.

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