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Preventing theft while enjoying the snow on Granite Peak


RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) -- According to the Marathon County Sheriff's department, one stolen set of gear per day is standard on Granite Peak slopes during the season.

When skiers and snow boarders hit the slopes at Granite Peak, many said they enjoy the thrill of the ride. But if you put down your gear and some one else snatches it up -- the fun can come to a grinding halt. Some snow boarders said they don't even think twice about leaving their shoes out in the open.

"I see everyone coming here has shoes already and I like to think that this is a safe place," said snowboarder Nils Klersy. "There are nice people around here, so I never have been concerned before."

And he's not alone. Shoes and gear bags sit atop many of the lockers. But authorities warn snow lovers -- if you leave your things, they may not be there when you get back.

"So far this season, we've had three snowboard thefts," said Marathon County Sheriff's Department Lt. Ted Knoeck. "Typically we average about one a day, sometimes more."

Shoes can be expensive, but a lot of other snow gear can cost even more. Some said they've spend hundreds on their snow stuff.

"I do have my own boots and board and bindings so it is an investment," said snowboarder Mika Parmley. "Just like a bicycle or anything like that, you can use it for many years."

Granite Peak officials didn't want to speak on camera, but they do offer a way to prevent theft -- coin-operated lockers. Authorities said keeping your stuff out of sight from potential thieves will help keep it out of their reach.

"Don't leave stuff unattended," said Lt. Knoeck. "Lock it up. Put it in your vehicle."

A good reminder for those ready for the black diamond slopes or the bunny hills.

Authorities said it's a good idea to document your snow gear by taking pictures of it in case it ever is stolen. That way, police can recognize and identify your things if they turn up later.

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