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Father and daughter share Christmas birthday


STEVENS POINT (WAOW) -- Around this time of year, presents are pretty much a given -- as long as Santa puts you on the "nice" list. But what if your birthday happens to be on the holiday too? We found a father-daughter duo who share a special bond -- they were both born on Christmas day.

December 25th marks a special day for millions of people around the world. But for a select few, the date does double duty.

Robert Sparhawk was born on Christmas day. On one of his Christmas-birthdays, he got a special gift from his wife -- a baby girl.

"Jill was supposed to be born in January, I think around the 23rd," said Robert's wife, Janice. "She came on Christmas eve right after midnight mass."

"I tell him I was the best birthday-Christmas present he ever got," said Jill Lamaide. "And he agrees."

"I was very surprised that she was born on her dad's birthday, which was very special for him and everybody was surprised," said Janice. "My mother-in-law says, you're trying to outdo me, huh?"

Janice said she always tried to make sure birthdays felt special for her husband and daughter. Her son, Robbie was born in December too. But it's not always cake and ice cream when you have a double celebration.

"Jill and I usually get gypped," said Robert.

Robert said sometimes people would give him one Christmas-birthday present instead of two. And every once in a while, his family and friends would even recycle the wrapping.

"We used to turn around, take the iron and turn it down and re-iron the paper," said Robert.

But Jill said having her birthday so close to Christmas is a gift in itself.

"We get together with my extended family on Christmas eve and everybody's like, oh it's her birthday, we have to bring her a gift," said Jill. "I don't see them on their birthday so they don't always get something."

Regardless of the date, the pair said they enjoy the real reason for the season -- spending time with the people they love.

"I thought it was neat that I could share my birthday with my dad and with Jesus," said Jill. "That always made me feel special."

Those two aren't the only ones with holiday birthdays around our area.

Abigail Brown said, "My sons were born December 24th and December 28th. People love to try and give only one gift. It's so frustrating."

Josette Lang said, "My little sister's is December 25th. We never wrap her presents in Christmas paper and she always gets separate gifts."

And Tiffany Voigt said, "Our fourth child arrived last year on Christmas morning -- he's our Christmas blessing."

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