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Plavix safety

(CNN) -

A new study challenges a government warning about the popular blood thinner Plavix.

A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests the F-D-A may have jumped the gun by requiring a test to screen patients before they take the medicine.

The test looks for a certain gene which helps doctors predict how well a patient will respond to the drug.

This latest study says Plavix is safe and effective and no test is needed.  

"When looked at 32 studies over 40,000 patients while the gene actually affected the response of the drug, when you looked at the things that Plavix really prevents and shown to prevents such as heart attacks and strokes and other events, it didn't really matter whether you had a lot of the gene or a little bit of the gene, the effects seem to be the same," says Dr. Ajay Kirtane of New York Presbyterian Hospital.
The Food and Drug Administration issued the so-called "black box" warning for the medicine last year.

About 40-million people worldwide take Plavix.

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