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Fmr. Bachmann supporter: wanted to back someone who could win Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Michelle Bachman isn't backing down from her accusations that a top supporter in Iowa was paid to defect to rival Ron Paul.

State Senator Kent Sorenson, who had served as Bachmann's Iowa chairman, announced yesterday that he is supporting Paul. He made the announcement just a few hours after appearing with Bachmann.

She alleges that Sorenson was offered "a lot of money" to change sides -- an offer she says he had told her about during a phone conversation on Tuesday.

But the Paul campaign and Sorenson deny that any such offer was made.

Sorenson, speaking to CNN today, refuted Bachmann's description of their phone conversation. He also explained that he wanted to support a candidate who is in a position to keep Mitt Romney from winning in Iowa. He says he loves Bachmann and her family, but that "the fact of the matter is she wasn't going to win Iowa."

Bachmann's Iowa political director says he doesn't believe Sorenson left for money.

Bachmann is vowing to stay in the race through next week's caucuses. She's dismissing any suggestion that her campaign is in disarray.

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