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Badger fans take in a Packers victory in Pasadena

PASADENA, CA (WKOW) -- As the Packers wrap up the regular season, the Badgers are gearing up for the Rose Bowl: now just a day away.

With the Packers playing back at home, fans in Pasadena found some alternative ways to catch the game.

ESPN Zone in downtown Los Angeles was just one of the bars airing the game. It was an early 10:00 AM kickoff out west.

Mark Laverty, Packers fan, said, "Missing a Packer game is like missing a national holiday. You go to the game, regardless of where you are. So that's why we're here!"

This has been a week in LA filled with all kinds of festivities for both the fans and the Rose Bowl teams. Sunday was no exception, with the annual Rose Bowl kickoff luncheon.

Several of the players made appearances including some of the former Badger greats.

Sportscasting legend Brent Musberger had Quarterback Russell Wilson take over his job, and Wilson interviewed his teammates on stage.

Coach Bielema also made an appearance and was more apt to talk about the weather than the game.

Bielema said, "Our guys wanted to practice in their swimming suits. Such a relief from Wisconsin, but our guys have really enjoyed it... looking forward to an unbelievable opportunity."

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