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Nike will start making Packers gear in 2012


WAUSAU (WAOW) -- With the NFL postseason underway, Packers gear is in high demand. During the next few weeks, it may become even more difficult to find the jersey you're looking for.

Donna Baumann said she's been looking for a birthday present for her brother since the regular season started.

"It had to be a jersey," said Baumann, who lives in Mosinee. "It's the real thing. Anybody can have a T-shirt."

Baumann said she's had a hard time finding the perfect jersey.

"I've been looking for quite a while," said Baumann. "I come here and I check the other one in the mall and I actually get a flyer from Green Bay and I was looking through there."

Around this time of year, she's not the only one.

"The playoffs, it's busy," said Ken Boho, who works at Packerland Plus. "People coming in, wanting a jersey, some people are going to the games."

For the past ten years, Reebok has had an agreement with the NFL to sell specially licensed merchandise. In 2012, that contract expires and Nike will take over. But Packerland Plus store workers said they're not sure when those new jerseys will hit the shelves.

"They said anywhere between January and April," said Elizabeth Mammano, who works at Packerland Plus. "It just depends on what the company's coming out with."

"At the last store they said buy them now because they're going to be going up," said Baumann.

Workers at Packerland Plus said they're not sure if the price will change. For now at their store, what you see is what you get. Employees said their entire stock is out on the floor.

"You can still come check, look around," said Boho. "There are still some jerseys left. And they're made by Reebok so if you want a Reebok, now's your chance."

Workers said there are a few extra opportunities right after the holidays. That's because many shoppers return clothes that didn't fit or they didn't want, putting them back on the market for more of the green and gold faithful.

Reebok's ten-year contract was worth about $250 million. According to the NFL, Nike's contract will be for five years. Financial details have not been released.

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