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Gingrich calls on Romney to 'level' with people



Hours before the Iowa caucuses begin, Newt Gingrich is calling on rival Mitt Romney to "just level with the American people" about what Gingrich says are Romney's moderate political views.

When asked this morning whether he's calling Romney a liar, Gingrich replied, "Yes."

In the interview on CBS's "The Early Show," Gingrich wouldn't predict a win in tonight's caucuses. He said, "I don't think anybody knows who's going to get what right now." He added that with all of the undecided voters, "anybody can come in first."

Gingrich assailed Romney for negative TV ads that have hurt the former speaker's standing in the polls. He says Romney should be taking responsibility for the attack ads being run on his behalf by a Super PAC.

Gingrich says if Romney would simply "be who he really is," then there could be what Gingrich calls "a debate between a Massachusetts moderate and a real conservative."

But if it turns out that Romney is the Republican nominee, Gingrich says he could support him. He says Romney would be "much less destructive than Barack Obama."

Gingrich said yesterday he didn't "expect to win" in Iowa. But last night, he called on supporters to help him pull of "one of the greatest upsets" in the history of the Iowa caucuses."


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