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Democrats: "Don't forget about us."


While the focus in Des Moines is the Republican caucus, and rightfully so, 40 percent of Iowans say they could change their minds. The Democrats will also caucus all over the state. In fact, the Democrats say they're not going to sit quietly Tuesday night.

The Democratic National Committee set up a war room in a downtown Des Moines hotel. They're sending out communications and tracking developments by the hour. State leaders say they expect a big crowd at their caucuses Tuesday as well.

Iowa Democratic party chair Sue Dvorsky said, "We are very excited. The President is going to be able to make a live address to all Iowa Democrats, lay out his plan, talk about his achievements and ask for his help."

Dvorsky says it doesn't matter who does well on the Republican side Tuesday night. She says Iowa's importance won't be lost in the general election:

"January 3rd is a huge milestone but January 4 is where the real story is going to be because we are going to be prepared to take the next step on this journey that ends November 6 and our colleagues on the other side are not going to have that organization."

Dvorsky says there's at least one area in which she agrees with her Republican counterpart in the state. She agrees that Iowa's first in the nation status should be protected. That's something both the Republican National Committee and her Democratic National Committee will work once the November election is over.

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