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"Touch of Class"- Idea Charter School


SCHOFIELD (WAOW) -- A group of more than 20 students at the Idea Charter School in Schofield helped support a needy family at Christmas time.

They spent several weeks fundraising so they could buy presents and food for a family of 8.

One of their biggest money-makers was a bake sale. The students took an entire day to make their inventory.

"We decided it would be a good community building activity to go and actually bake everything together, and realize that we're getting to know each other better, while also helping the family we're supporting," says freshman Haley Young

These students also engaged in individual projects to make some extra money.

"I shoveled people's driveways and I guess just helped around.. mowed people's lawns when there wasn't snow," said freshman Isaac Utecht.

"I've been doing a lot of babysitting, and instead of taking the money that I spend for myself, I've just been putting it into a pool," said Young. "So, I have roughly like $50-something that I'm just going to give to this class."

In all, these students raised more than $1,000 dollars.

They received lists of needed and wanted items for each family member, and they took off shopping.

Finally, they came back to the school to wrap the presents, eager to bring some holiday cheer.

And what this gift even more special... they won't know all the people who made their Christmas more special (unless they are reading this story).

"We've kind of talked about that as being the most generous way to give," says Idea Charter School Advisor Sue Thompson. "Most of these kids will be anonymous to the family. The family really won't know that the kids spent four hours shoveling snow and giving the money to the family."

Through their selfless gestures without seeking recognition, the students of Idea Charter School have shown they have a Touch of Class.

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