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Jefferson Award Winner: Celine Lofland


    A woman from Wisconsin's Northwoods makes it her mission to help others and is named a Jefferson Award winner.  Celine Lofland lives near Prentice and through her volunteer efforts and organization skills in setting up garage sales she is making a difference in her community.

Celine Lofland:" I have always believed you do not volunteer for stuff you do not like to do.. Or you won't do good at it for any length of time." Celine Lofland has a passion for volunteering.

  Over the past decade,she's given countless hours to work on a huge  garage sale which raises thousands of dollars. The money is not for her, instead it benefits students in the Prentice School District. Celine:"this is something we can do and it makes money for the school.

  Celine and other members of the group  Adults Concerned for Education hold two garage sales a year.

   The money raised has bought new furniture for the school library, woodworking equipment and educational student trips.

   The impact of the garage sales and other fundraiser's go beyond the schools.. As unsold items are often donated to charities to help the needy. Celine:" Right now we have a lot of   people out of work  and we like to try to help them if we can."

   Celine wouldn't have it any other way.. She enjoys working with with community members and students to make it happen. Celine:"It's so much fun working with them and it helps the schools."

  Celine's drive to help others highlights her dedication to volunteering and changing the lives of others..which lead to her being named a Jefferson Award winner.

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