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Small New Hampshire town releases first votes in Primary

(CNN) -- Dixville Notch has spoken.

Just after the stroke of midnight, the tiny town delivered the first results of New Hampshire's Primary.

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman tied for first place with two votes each.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich got one vote a piece, while Rick Santorum and Rick Perry didn't get any.

Since 1968, the town has always picked the eventual Republican presidential nominee.

And while there was no clear winner there Tuesday morning, Romney is hoping that won't be the case when the rest of New Hampshire weighs in.

"Right now what I am worried about is winning in New Hampshire and hopefully having a margin larger than Iowa," Romney said. "I don't think I can handle another night like that."

Romney beat Rick Santorum by just 8 votes in the Iowa Caucuses, but recent polls show him the clear frontrunner in New Hampshire.

Santorum is hoping to catch up with a last-minute surge of support-- like the kind he got in Iowa.

But even if that doesn't happen, he says New Hampshire won't have the last word in the race.

"Over time, it's not going to be this primary or the next but we'll have several races down the road," said Santorum. "This field will narrow. It'll be a one-on-one race. It'll be Mitt Romney against Rick Santorum and we'll win this race."

The other candidates might have something to say about that after Tuesday, depending on who comes out ahead.

Besides the early voting towns of Hart's Location and Dixville Notch, polling stations in the rest of New Hampshire opens at 6 a-am.

They close as late as 8 o'clock Tuesday night.

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