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Wausau heats up and breaks records doing it


WAUSAU (WAOW) --  The warm temperatures mean more people are getting up and out this winter. And enjoying activities usually reserved for warmer seasons.

"The weather is so nice I had to come down to the square and take advantage of it," Joanne Winborn of Wausau said as she walks down the 400 block.

Tuesday's high reached 47 degrees. The warmest temperature ever recorded in Wausau for January 10th.

"For all I care it would stay this warm at all the time. I'd be happy with that," Winborn said.

So warm, in fact, that local bike shops are seeing more people in their stores, and more tired on the road.

"More people out there riding their bikes and coming in and asking about cold weather apparel," John Nowacyz, Owner of Sprocketz Bike Shop said.

With the sun blazing, Nowacyz says business is heating up.

"I ordered more things since there has been a big push for people staying out and riding their bikes for as long as they can after our mild fall," Nowacyz said.

But, with warmer temperature dominating the forecast, some winter activities are taking a back seat.

"I just hope I can sell off the rest of my snowshoe stuff," Nowacyz said.

And at Rib Mountain State Park you'll find more people on the trails than on the slopes.

"There's a lot of people out walking and hiking on the trails, they are good. People just enjoying," Property Manager William Bursaw said.

But, like many Wisconsinites, they're not putting their winter coats away just yet.

"I'm sure winter is coming, it is Wisconsin," Winborn said.  "It'll be winter again," Nowacyz chimed in.

But for now, they say they'll enjoy the January heat wave.

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