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Toxic orange juice?

(ABC) -

Imported orange juice is under investigation by the FDA, after an unapproved chemical was discovered in some juice.

The chemical, Carbendazim, is a pesticide used to kill fungus.

The FDA discovered the chemical after a confidential call from an orange juice

company, but the FDA won't say which one.

There's no health hazard to humans, but high levels of Carbendazim have been linked to hormonal and reproductive problems in animals.

Patty Loverna, Associate Director of Food and Water Watch says, "Not all of the o.j. that U.S. consumers drink comes from oranges that were grown here in the U.S."

The juice with the chemical came from Brazil.

The U.S. gets 26% of it's orange juice from other countries, such as Brazil and Mexico.

So much of what Americans eat and drink comes from outside the U.S.

100% of limes are now imported.

So is 75% of apple juice, asparagus and processed mushrooms.

The FDA only inspects about 2% of this food.

"It opens up a whole line of questioning about what we don't know about the way food is being produced in other countries," says Loverna.

Investors drove the future price of orange juice up on Tuesday.

This comes after traders had already driven up the price amid fears citrus crops in Florida had been damaged during the recent cold streak.

The FDA says, so far, the levels of the discovered pesticide are low and there's no health hazard to humans.

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