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Snow plowing means different things for different businesses

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)--As plows hit the streets for the first significant snow fall of the year, who they work for could mean very different things for business.

For some privately operated snow removal companies, sales are down due to a mild winter season.

"We are down about 85 percent from last year," said Ronald Doine, President of Doine Excavating Inc. "The month of January isn't very good either. Down close to 90 percent," he continued.

Doine says he's glad the winter season is picking up.

"Expenses still go on with heat and machinery. We plow with 11 pieces of equipment when we do go out.

But on the other side, city workers say they are thankful for the mild winter so far.

"If we would have run into a normal December weather system, we would have probably been over budget," said Brian Panzer, Marshfield Street Division Superintendent.

Now that 2012 is underway, Panzer says he's happy with the winter season. 

"Up to this point, we have been very fortunate again. This is the first time we've really had any type of snow and ice event in January," Panzer said.

Panzer says when the team is not removing snow, that there are other responsibilities in the city. But Doine says if plowing was their only job, the company would be in trouble.

"People get laid off. There is not that much to do," Doine said.

Doine says he's fortunate that landscaping is his primary source of income.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch



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