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Wisconsin U.S. Senate hopefuls talk about jobs plans


(WAOW) -- With election season under way, some candidates are hitting the campaign trail. The candidates vying for Wisconsin's soon-to-be-vacant U.S. Senate seat spoke about their plans to create jobs in the area.

During the past month, central Wisconsin workers have taken a hit. About 1,000 people will be out of a job soon after layoffs were announced at the Wausau Paper mill in Brokaw and SNE Enterprises in Mosinee. U.S. Senate hopefuls said they want to bring jobs back to the state and each has a plan.

"I absolutely think we have to do belt-tightening, we have to reduce our deficits, we have to balance our budgets but you don't do so at the expense of the investments that help us grow," said democrat Tammy Baldwin.

Baldwin said national leaders need to help level the playing field by keeping manufacturing on the forefront for workers in Wisconsin.

"We also have to make the solid investments in the U.S., in our workforce, in innovation, in our infrastructure so that we can compete in this global marketplace," said Baldwin.

Three republicans are also hoping to win the seat. Former U.S. representative republican Mark Neumann said government officials should cut wasteful spending. He said he'd work to make tax rates and regulations more competitive, keeping American companies viable in the global economy.

"Government's got to get out of the way of these companies to allow these companies to grow and expand and succeed here in America as opposed to going someplace else," said Neumann.

Neumann said it's important to focus on the private sector because that's where jobs will be created.

"It's the backbone of our state," said Neumann. "It's the backbone of our economy and we've got to bring the manufacturing jobs back."

Another republican, former governor Tommy Thompson said, "As Wisconsin's next senator, I will fight for common sense, conservative principles of fiscal accountability that promote economic development."

State assembly speaker Jeff Fitzgerald did not respond to our repeated attempts for a comment.

Those four candidates are looking to fill the seat currently being held by democrat Herb Kohl. Kohl is not seeking re-election.

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