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"Snow is definitely a good thing."


RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW)-- Today's snowfall was welcomed by winter-weather lovers in our area, especially after a mild December.

All the white snow has Granite Peak officials seeing green. 

"The snow is going to make us busy. We're going to have a great weekend. A lot of people are calling already wondering how much snow we've gotten," said Operations Manager Vicki Baumann.

Skiers couldn't wait to hit the slopes. "I love to be able to get out there for it," said Kirstin McEvoy of Wausau. She said she'll work harder to make it to the hill when there's fresh powder.

"I love to get out here when there's a fresh snow because I love the powder. It just changes up the conditions and gives you a new kind of skiing."

Nine Mile Forest will re-open at 9 AM on Friday morning after being closed due to warmer weather, but some cross-country skiers just couldn't wait.

"Snow is definitely a good thing," said Victor Anderson of Wausau. He and the rest of his ski team couldn't wait to hit the trails. Now that the snow is falling, he said his favorite season can begin.

"I'm not sure what my favorite part is about it, it's just the whole thing," he said.

Others celebrated the snow day with a little competition. A group of Wausau East students played a game called "Pillo Polo." It's a lot like soccer, where players try to push a ball into the opposing team's net. The catch? Each player was only wearing on ski.

No matter how you chose to take on the snow, it looks like central Wisconsinites are enjoying a good dose of winter-weather at last.


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