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Workers get derailed train cars back on track

WAUSAU (WAOW) -- We have new information about the train that derailed in Wausau on Thursday night. The train came off the tracks and hit a building, causing the last three cars to derail. 

A spokesperson for the train company said when the incident happened, the engineer was moving train cars around the yard. It's something workers do every day. Now company investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong

On Friday morning, a different crew brought a train crane from Illinois. Workers started bright and early at 7 AM to get the cars back on the tracks. They said the process was a difficult one, where they had to work an inch at a time to get everything lined up. As for the investigation, the Canadian National spokesman said they're still working on the details.

"It wasn't as you think of a destination elsewhere in the state or the country or anything like that," said CN spokesman Patrick Waldron. "It was cars being moved around the yard to assemble another train for a future departure."

Waldron said CN complies with all the safety regulations set up by the Federal Railroad Administration. Their investigation is still ongoing, so he said he cannot release any details about the engineer who was driving the train at this time.

One woman was inside the building when the train hit. No one was hurt in the incident.

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