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UPDATE: More than a million signatures estimated against Gov. Walker


MADISON (WAOW) -- Box after box of petitions was carried by recall supporters in front of cheering crowds in Madison. An estimated one million signatures were collected. The signature drive started two months ago. 

Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch are two targets of the recall effort. Thousands of signatures were also turned in for four republican state senators.

People gathered outside the Government Accountability Board building well before the truck arrived, full of signatures of people who say they want to recall the governor.

"This has been a very polarizing process with a lot of tensions that came up during the start of the recall process," said GAB director Kevin Kennedy.

Hundreds of people chanted and waved signs as box after box made its way to the door. Inside each one was signatures of people from around the state who said they want to see change in Madison.

"If you'd have suggested a year and a half ago that there were going to be over a dozen recalls of state senators and the governor were going to be recalled, the lieutenant governor, if you'd have suggested that to somebody on the street, they'd say you're crazy," said democrat State Senator Jim Holperin.

The GAB director estimates his team will need to account for more than a million signatures, just petitioning against Governor Walker.

Some republican supporters in the capitol said they stand by the governor and the decisions he's made during the past year.

"If you spend enough time, you can get a lot of uninformed people to sign anything," said republican State Senator Glenn Grothman. "Let's face it. A lot of elections well under half of the population even votes. And I know myself when you try to get signatures, to re-nominate yourself every four years as a state senator, a lot of people will sign anything to be friendly."

Some senate democrats said the governor had the opportunity to bring people in Wisconsin together. But instead -- they see a state divided.

"The proof is in the pudding," said democrat State Senator Julie Lassa. "The fact is the state of Wisconsin, unfortunately, has had five consecutive months of job loss and we really need to be focusing on creating good-paying, family supporting jobs for those who are unemployed in our state."

The GAB will start the process of scanning the petitions as soon as Tuesday night. But no word yet on how long it will take to count up all the names.

Members of the GAB still need to verify the signatures before they decide whether to move on with a recall election.

The GAB will start a live feed online, where you can watch as workers verify signatures. The director said they'll be looking for fakes as well as duplicates, to make sure enough names were collected. If you want to check out the live feed, click here.

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