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"We have a big job ahead of us."

(WAOW) -- Now that the recall process is in the hands of the GAB, it could take weeks or months for them to finalize the signature count.

The GAB workers are live streaming the whole process online. Normally, the GAB would have 31 days to finish the count, but director Kevin Kennedy said they'll probably need more time than that.

Protesters chanted and cheered outside the GAB building in Madison on Tuesday. Boxes of signatures were passed over, from volunteers in trucks to those walking through the doors. Now, all you can hear is the sound of silence as workers start counting an estimated two million names.

"We have a big job ahead of us," said Kennedy. "We've dealt with a large number of recall petitions in 2011 but this is likely ten times as much work."

That two million includes signatures of people who support the recall of Governor Scott Walker, as well as the lieutenant governor and four other republican senators. Shifts of GAB employees will be burning both ends of the candle, extending business hours and working as late as 11PM.

"I'm a little shocked that so many people would be eager to waste money on a recall election," said republican State Senator Glenn Grothman.

Some republicans said the state shouldn't be paying.

"This recall is going to cost more than $9 million and these people claim that they want to spend more money on schools or more money on healthcare and a variety of other things," said Grothman.

But some senate democrats said the people have spoken and they want change.

"People who start a petition drive to have a recall happen, you've got to assume they're going to get the signatures and recently, they have," said democrat State Senator Jim Holperin.

Kennedy said workers will sort and scan all the documents and then create a database. That way, employees will be able to verify the names and sort out fakes and duplicates more efficiently.

"We are hoping that we can complete our review process in a manner that will be fitting to Wisconsin's commitment to open, transparent government and but also reasonable and civil resolution to those issues," said Kennedy.

The board needs to verify more than 540,208 signatures to force a recall election for Governor Walker. But even then, the board doesn't have full control.

"Even the board's decision, as it was last time, can be challenged in court," said Kennedy.

The GAB director said he's confident his crew can handle the task. He's just not sure how long it will take to sort it all out.

When the database is complete, it will be public record. But Kennedy said it will take some time until you'll be able to take a look for yourself.

If you want to watch the live stream, you can click on this link.

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