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Family of missing Wood County man speaks out


GRAND RAPIDS (WAOW)--For the first time, we are hearing from the family of a missing Wood County man. 29-year-old Greg Senn was last seen in Grand Rapids early Saturday morning. Officials say he was walking towards his home in Wisconsin Rapids.

Greg Senn's family has not given up hope. Police say a bloodhound was able to pick up Senn's scent yesterday. Officials say that confirms the area where he was last seen.

Police say a different K9 was used today, that may lead searchers in a different direction moving forward. 

Friends and family of Senn have formed search groups of their own. They say they are focusing more on the Wisconsin Rapids area.

"Looking for footprints, we have people wandering through the woods and stuff like that," said Ed Senn, Greg Senn's brother. "People who have grown up around here all their lives and know how to walk through the woods," he said.

Police say they changed their strategy going into searching on day four.

Officials say searchers took a much different approach today while combing through the area south of Lake Wazeecha. They say they stood less than six feet apart, hoping to find anything they may have missed in previous searches.

Authorities say the snow accumulation Tuesday did affect their search efforts. They say it may have covered possible tracks, but that they are still looking for Senn.

"For the search efforts, we are still hopeful. But we are not into day four/four and a half, since we got the call that he was missing," said Grand Rapids Police Chief Dave Lewandowski. "It does make everything more difficult for us, to still hope that everything is okay," he said.

Family of Senn say this is very unusual behavior for him.

"He keeps pretty close contact with his family," said Antonette Senn, Greg Senn's cousin. "It's not him not to have contact at all. Anytime there's anything, even a small family event, he's there. From cookouts to birthday parties, it's just not like him what so ever," she said.

Saturday, the day Senn went missing, was his brother's birthday. Ed Senn says that's how he knew something was wrong. He say it's something Senn would have never missed. 

Officials say they do not suspect foul play is involved at this point in time.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch

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